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Friday, April 03, 2020
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MIT Campus

As a border city, Juarez, Mexico provides unique opportunities for missionary training. Many aspects of Mexican culture are on display here along the border - from extreme wealth to extreme poverty, indigenous culture to American influence. In some areas of Juarez, maquiladora-fueled wealth thrives; in others, poverty, crime, and community disintegration are comparable to third-world conditions.

Yet Juarez's location - directly across the Rio Grande from El Paso, TX - makes the city easily accessible to those who wish to learn more about mission work. This unique combination of severe conditions and proximity to the United States makes Juarez ideal for an initial introduction to mission work.

In the last few years, Life Challenge International and its partners have worked on developing a missionary training campus in Carlos Chavira. Plans for the site included a dorm space, retreat facilities, recreational areas, training for various skills, and more.  While some of this infrastructure has been built, much of it stands to still be developed as the curtain of violence and fear in Juarez is lifted to present new opportunities for development.  The vision for this campus has been to provide a place for future missionaries from the United States, Mexico, and all over the world to come together to gain the skills and passion needed to serve God in missions work.

In the last year, Life Challenge International has paired with a partner ministry, Joventud Para Cristo (Youth For Christ Mexico), to work with them in the use and development of this campus.  Joventud Para Cristo's desire to reach all the youth of the city regardless of denominational, social, and economic barriers has made the campus an excellent tool in both administrating and facilitating that goal.  Because of the current buildings and land they are able to house volunteers, run operations, and conduct various outreaches like their growing soccer league, which pairs discipleship with coaching and playing soccer.

Joventud Para Cristo also has a desire to do missions work.  Their relatively new organization, not only has a heart to reach the youth of Mexico with the gospel of Jesus Christ, but they also desire to see those same youth grow into leaders that have a heart for missions.  It is with this shared vision of helping to train and fortify missionaries, that Life Challenge International has given oversight of this campus to Joventud Para Cristo, in a hopes to continue its development jointly.

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MIT Campus in Carlos Chavira, via Wikimapia

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