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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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MIT: Short-term teams

Trips for short-term teams are customized for your group’s skills and passions. If you have skills in carpentry or construction, a love for children, a heart for evangelism, medical expertise, or a desire to share God’s love in a variety of practical ways, you can use these skills on your trip. Tell us what your interests are, and we will work with you to determine how you can serve on your trip.

Per request, we provide you with cultural and spiritual preparation materials before you come.  We focus on giving your group opportunities to learn what it means to serve God cross-culturally while they are here. Your team will work in cooperation with the ongoing efforts of local missionaries and churches, giving them the chance to learn both from and with those they are serving.

There are various normal trip locations that range across either side of the border.  Ministries that teams have worked with in the past have been located in Juarez Mexico, El Paso Texas, and the Mountains of Chihuahua.  If any of these locations seem unsettling, we encourage to read Life Challenge's Safety Statement.

If you would like more information about planning a short-term mission trip, e-mail:
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