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Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Communities: The Tapias

When LCI Director Tim Gamwell began visiting the community of Felipe Angeles in 1999, the area now known as Las Tapias was a basudero (garbage dump). However, Gamwell did not see the garbage or the condition of the land; he saw a great vision and the need within the community. With a lot of cleaning and building in the next couple of years, the Tapias became a center in the community that offered hope and opportunity for the children and adults alike. However, the greatest need was the love of Christ.

The tapias
The Tapias, and the community of Felipe Angeles.

The Tapias is now both a facility for community programs and a dorm for hosting short-term teams. Current programs at the Tapias inlcude children’s Bible clubs, sewing classes, a community co-op, and escuela abierta (a GED program for those who cannot afford to go to public school and have dropped out at a young age).  The goal of these programs is to share God's love with the participants while providing them with practical skills and assistance.

Several years have passed since LCI started working at the Tapias.  The people in the community no longer see the dump that was once there; instead, they see opportunity.

The Tapias, via Wikimapia

Carlos Chavira | The Tapias
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